Current Relief States:

West Virginia 

I am Dr. Sara Porter. I graduated from Ross University in 2014 and my clinical year was at Michigan State University.

I am accustomed to high caseloads in both general and emergency medicine with a strong interest in behavior. 


My diverse background has allowed me to adapt to various work settings including those that have paper or electronic records, rural or urban, and adjusting to referral accessibility. Although I am most proficient with Avimark, I have worked with EzVet and Cornerstone as well.  I strive to do the best for the patient and clients in all settings including fear-free and low stress handling. I offer gold standard care, but also aware of cost limitations, access to specialized equipment, and the ability to refer. 

Behavior medicine is a passion of mine. I have worked with multiple clinics and local behavior trainers to manage cases including forms of anxiety (general and separation) and different levels of dog aggression.  I am equipped with non-slip mats, treats, and handouts to  help incorporate fear-free techniques in practice. 

Hospice and pain management are a vital part of veterinary care. I am familiar with Companion Laser, Assisi Loop, and multimodal pain management protocols. I encourage PRP, acupuncture and rehabilitation techniques when possible. 



Relief Pricing 
Updated for 2022*

West Virginia: $85/hr within 20 miles of Morgantown

Travel expenses - $30 per 20 miles plus any lodging needed.

North Western Indiana: $90/hour; Plus travel expenses (contact me for more details)

Emergency: $200/hr daytime

Urgent care: $120/hr daytime

Weekend day general practice minimum: $800 up to 6 hours only

Behavior Consulting

Currently not accepting new patients, please contact me if you are a veterinarian.

$300 per case includes:

  • 3 month follow up phone and email 

  • Continued outreach and communication with referring veterinarian/clinic

  • Prescribing medications as well as changes during the first year.

  • Consulting with a Board Certified Behavior Veterinarian if needed on complicated cases and/or Trainer

Ongoing consultation:

  • $100 for ongoing consultations for another 3 months on complicated cases PLUS $35 per phone consultation over 30 minutes.

Recheck consult:

  • $35 per email or phone consultation after the initial 3 months.

Minimum Booking

My current minimum booking is 6 hours/day.

Relief in Indiana would require a minimum of 5 days with 8-hour shifts. 

However, this can also be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


You will typically receive an invoice within 24-48 hours of work being completed. Invoices are typically due within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice. This can also be timed with your payroll.

10% fee is applied if overdue by 30 days. 

Cancellation Policy
I understand that sometimes circumstances denote that scheduled work needs to be cancelled. Any cancellations made outside of 30 days prior to the booked date will not incur a fee. However, any cancellations made within 30 days of the agreed upon schedule will levy a 6-hour minimum charge per day unless that date is rebooked. A good faith effort will be made on my own part to rebook any cancelled dates. However, it can be difficult to book specific dates on short (less than 30 day) notice. This policy is discretionary and will be applied on a case-by-case basis. 
Please note that as an independent contractor, I pay my own share of medicare and social security tax (commonly known as the self-employment tax). I also cover the cost of my own malpractice, general liability, worker's compensation, and health insurance. I am also responsible for my own continuing education, office supplies, and travel/accommodation expenses. My rates take these expenditures into account as well as my overall experience in veterinary medicine.




Efficient in triage, managing multiple cases, and communicating with clients after hours for any emergency needs including medical and surgical. Working with Animal Clinic of Rapid City for behavioral consulting in order to help other veterinarians and clients further understand behavior and appropriate management plans.

RELIEF SERVICES                                                                     

  1/16- Present

Relief veterinarian for areas within West Virginia, and Indiana.  Medical, surgical, and behavioral services utilized. 




Full-time managing associate in a single veterinary practice with a special interest in behavior and business management. Working with Walkerton and North Liberty police as a supplemental veterinarian for medical needs.  Working as the primary veterinarian for Heartland Animal Rescue for medical and surgical needs including exotic spay and neuter.


VIP PET CARE                                                                                INDEPENDENT VETERINARIAN             

Utilizing skills as a veterinarian to work with a variety of community partners to bring wellness veterinary clinics to communities.  




Email: Saradporter@live.com 
Tel:  574-292-2227

Dr. Sara Porter is a relief veterinarian that currently services West Virginia.

She does not see patients outside of the relief practices and cannot answer client questions by website message, email, phone, or text message.

State licensure

  • I am currently licensed to practice veterinary medicine in West Virginia. Licenses are in good standing. I can provide copies of the state licenses upon request.


  • I carry my own malpractice liability, worker's compensation, and general liability. I can provide proof of this coverage upon request.

DEA Licensure

  • I currently carry a DEA license in good standing.

USDA Accreditation

  • I am currently a USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian in Indiana.

Licensures & Insurance:
Member of:

Low Stress Handling® Certification

- Silver Level



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